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Invitation for Partnership

 Invitation for Partnership

Bayursan is looking for partnership for a new project gained award of TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

This project will be a standard and serial production for "Modular Travelling Systems" of industrial machines and crane field.

Candidates who want business as individually or as a company please contact with Bayursan.



Locomotive Module

Locomotive Type


Vagonet Module

Vagonet Type


Modular Travelling Systems for
Crane End Carriages, Sliding Roofs (Openable Roofs)

Main single wheel units are equipped with various accessories according to their special functions & jobs. But they are always joined or united with a main body, a system or with each other by electrical welding. The body of main unit is rectangular tubular steel profile.

The wheels may be special steel as 4140 alloy steel, GGG-70 copper alloyed spheroidal cast iron or may be kestamid or polyamide etc. due to their wheel sizes, required loading capacities and velocities etc. Wheel base diameters and shapes may differ at standard sizes according to their functions. They may be entirely flat, conical or circular grooved or one or two sides tapered etc.

Units can be either locomotive or vagonet type. Locomotive units can be activated (driven) by electrical motors with gear box units and brakes. The wheel of the unit can be directly driven by an hub shaft or by a pinion gear when wheel is of geared type.

Locomotive type wheel units or driving units consist of rectangular tubular steel profile, wheel, motor driving unit that composed of electrical motor with gear box and brake, bumper plate with rubber bumper, ridge plate and saddle plate. Vagonet type wheel units or driven units consist of rectangular tubular steel profile, wheel, bumper plate with rubber bumper, ridge plate and saddle plate.


Bayursan Modular Single Wheel Units Main Differences:

  1. Bayursan modular single wheel units join with steel bodies or with themselves through their special and different accessories entirely by electrical welding or sometimes with bolts and nuts.
  2. All Bayursan modular single wheel units are equipped somehow with their special and different accessories tightened on by bolts, nuts and shear pins according to the purposes and/or the functions of the machine, equipment or the system.
  3. Connections of modular units are possible with any kind and shape of mostly the steel bodies, since designer approves.
  4. The joining is not limited within a vertical plane as "x" and "y" axes but also in "z" axis, so entirely a lot of different combinations result naturally.
  5. After joining with a body, these special accessories now are the parts of the new body.
  6. Main single wheel units can be taken off the new created body or the system by untightening the bolts and nuts easily whenever needed.
  7. A lot of possible combinations thus give entirely a free and wide area of applications for designers.
  8. All steel construction companies and especially the subcontractors of crane manufacturers will naturally be problem solving partners together with Bayursan. While asking the possible combinations, alternatives, strengths of the created bodies when they get such units. Joining of units can be at three sides also. Left side, right side and top saddle side. So a group of wheel units can be created according to different purposes.

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